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Hi Sanjar, working at a top software company (like Google) is a dream for most developers, however it requires much more than knowing one language or two, it requires deep understanding of data structures and algorithms, the right mindset and also for most of the positions a lot of field experience in the software industry.

Also, you should be aware that you need to be able to demonstrate your ability to solve complex topics and explain those solutions straight to the point.

So as a piece of advice I will strongly recommend you to start building your career one step at the time, start in a small company or a startup and then move on from there up to wherever you want, this is important because there are some topics of working as a software developer that you only learn hands-on and that are quite important.

And also look for some communities around the topics you are interested, they will help you to grow as a developer and as a professional.


You're welcome, if you feel like you need some questions to be answered I'm always available for helpπŸ˜„

I don't know about your career level nor your aspirations and I am not a recruiter but at trivago we have some open positions for developers of all levels, certainly we are not Google but we are working to solve a lot of interesting and challenging topics.

So if you're up for it pay us a visit trivago careers

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I'm a curious, I want to learn everything in the EARTH!!!

Don't ghost on us ❀️