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Streaming video to browser via Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Sanjarbek Sobirjonov
CEO at
・1 min read

I'm going to stream videos from S3. I know it is simple. I did it with putting presigned url inside video src attributes. There is no problem. Everything is being displayed. But, if I visit my vebsite via IDM+ app's browser for android, my videos can be downloaded. But I don't want it. So I want to transcode the videos(adding watermark to video, making video partion's extension .ts)*. After that, I think, videos can not be easily downloaded via IDM+(because of multiple video portions).

How can I display transcoded video file in browser? I only found checking job status, creating jobs and etc via amazon elastic transcoder. But nothing about displaying transcoded video in browser in laravel/php.

*as I known, if video is transcoded, video extension would be .ts or something else. I'm new in video streaming sphere. Take it into account :) Thank you!

Technology: Laravel 8, AWS S3, Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Thank you in advance.

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