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Ethical Data, Explained

Hello community,

Let me introduce you to a brand new podcast "Ethical Data, Explained" dedicated to data, web scraping and data collection in all their forms and shapes!

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In this podcast, we aim to debunk common myths surrounding web scraping and answer questions like: Is web scraping legal? Is it ethical to use proxies for data collection? Why do companies scrape data? etc.

We invite tech entrepreneurs, data security experts, lawmakers, and hackers to look at data and public data collection from various points of view to unlock safe and ethical web scraping for businesses.

Join us as we chat with experts about data, web scraping, proxies, ethics, and security.

You can find "Ethical Data, Explained" on

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For more info reg the podcast, episodes and guests - welcome to the official podcast webpage.

CTA: if you know someone whose knowledge, experience and expertise could make them an interesting guest to discuss data and data collection - let me know in the comments! I am happy to reach out and invite them for a talk 🙂

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