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Maximizing Your Influence as a Software Engineer

As a software developer, you might be eager to dive into projects and prove your skills. However, one of the most valuable skills you can develop in the industry is the ability to strategically build systems and libraries while simultaneously creating products. This gives you significant leverage to negotiate with the product organization regarding which features can be implemented faster and with less effort.

Stakeholders are always happy to hear that a task can be done more easily by leveraging existing resources. So, how can you achieve this? By focusing on building the core building blocks for your organization.

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Imagine working for a company that develops social media apps. Key functionalities in such an app include feeds, posts, and analytics about impressions. By building a library that streamlines these core functions, you can demonstrate your value and significantly reduce the time and effort required to implement new features. Start small, any library of starts with 500 lines of code or less.

To systematize core functionality effectively, follow these steps:

Identify Core Features: Determine the essential features and components that form the backbone of your product. In a social media app, these could include user profiles, authentication, and content sharing.

Develop Reusable Code: Write or move from other part of the project code that can be easily adapted and scaled for various requirements. This includes creating functions, classes, or libraries that address specific problems or tasks, making it simpler to integrate new features.

Communicate Your Achievements: Share your newly created library with the product organization, highlighting how your work has streamlined processes and improved productivity. By showcasing your contributions, you can gain the trust and respect of stakeholders and enhance your negotiating power.

By systematizing core functionality and building a foundation of reusable code, you not only optimize the development process but also empower yourself as a software developer. This proactive approach demonstrates your value to the organization, enabling you to negotiate more effectively when discussing project scope, timelines, and resources. So, take the initiative to build the essential building blocks for your organization and propel your career forward.

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Another key factor is to get in touch with other functions or departments of your company, for example marketing, sales, ops etc to understand their pain points and providing ways to automate their work, letting them to focus on providing real value instead of spending time on marginal, manual tasks.

This can bring more visibility across the company and also can help to build trust.

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Assis Zang

Nice topic Mike! 😀 Maximizing your influence is a great way to advance your professional career! 🎯📈👏