How Do you Estimate, Mate!

snlgrg profile image ѕυηιℓ gαяg ・1 min read

Heya Guys,

Most Software Developer beliefs there are two hard problem that exists: [https://martinfowler.com/bliki/TwoHardThings.html]
1st one is how to Name things correctly.
2nd one is to invalidate cache.

But there exists a more dangerous hidden problem that creep out once you start growing in terms of team size, i.e. how do you estimate the time requires for a development of any feature.

From my experience it is totally subjective and depends upon the experience and on your technical debt,so keeping them aside I want to know how you guys estimate any development process and what according to you work or will not work.
What are the best practices to do this so that neither the dev feels frustrated & overburdened and nor the management feels too bad about it.

@rfornal , love to listen your views.


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