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Are you Jumping into a New Job?

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It was November 2020, yeah 2020, the first year without interactions in offices... Wait, I will give you more context: I had been working for 7 years for e-commerce, I was well appreciated in that job, and I liked it. We were one of the coolest e-commerce companies in LATAM. I started working there when it was a startup and I enjoyed participating in its growth. During my last year there, a big multinational corporation from LATAM acquired the company and with that acquisition, new challenges arrived.

What was I doing back then?

I was working on something important, the first API that I proposed on my own and would have an impact on the business processes. After developing the MVP more developers joined to work with me on that project, and we built the first version (that as far as I know is still in use). During that time the team was awesome, my position was good, and my opinions were respected but then, suddenly, I got a message from a friend:

"Hey! I'm working in [...] and I would like to refer you to a Senior Software Engineer position, would you be interested?"

It took me by surprise. I used to be a person who enjoys stability over money and challenges (haha) but we were full into the pandemic, and I started wondering:

  • "I already have 7 years of experience with this product, what would happen to me if I switch jobs?"
  • "Is it a good time to make this change?"

At that moment I realized I was in a kind of comfort zone! Don't misunderstand me, it is not bad to enjoy being comfortable. I did it, and it was a wonderful stage. But back then, I was thinking about new challenges...

The decision

My friend talked to me about all the good stuff the new position would bring. I decided to start the process and guess what? I got the offer! I took a deep breath and made a "leap of faith". It was not easy, you know? There are amazing engineers out there that often switch jobs and I admire them because of their strength and experience doing that. But on the other hand, there was me, specializing in a product company, being good at my job, and not looking for any changes.

What happened with my previous job?

Well, considering I was not the only one working in the API anymore, I wrote the documentation, with some proposals I imagined as the next steps for the API, talked with my coworkers giving them two weeks' notice and I left the company, a company that remains in my heart as the one that helped me become the engineer that I am today.

The beginning of a new stage!

I had no idea what would be next, but the difficult part was done. The company I work at is a global technology services provider, which means I am not necessarily working on a specific product. For a person like me, who spent 7 years in the same place, this was a very good opportunity. To start the process, once again, of being interviewed, getting new certifications, and, most importantly, switching to a new programming language. Without a doubt, this last point is something that many can do without changing jobs. However, IMO, doing your side project in different technologies is not the same as getting professional experience in those technologies in your full-time job. I enjoy my current position.

This is how my home office setup evolved during this time:

Sag home office

Why am I writing this post?

With the current changes in the industry and the difficult situation in the global economy, there are a lot of people switching jobs. If you are one of the lucky ones like me, and you decided to switch to a new job because it is a better opportunity for you, I want to congratulate you. Embrace the learning curve and do not look back. It's not easy, but every new achievement is a milestone in your career development. On the other hand, if you had to change jobs not because you want to, but because something happened, let me tell you changes are good. Even if we suffer them without planning it, will definitely be difficult, but what in life isn't? I just hope you can find a good place for your next challenges and that your situation is good enough to endure the change.


Last but not least, to everyone, as software engineers, consider updating your professional profile(LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.), being open to job offers, and networking as much as you can. Also, don't be selfish with your knowledge and skills, we are in the same guild and it's important we support each other to build the technology we deserve.

Thank you for reading this little piece of my life. I wish, with all my heart, that you achieve your goals.

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Congratulation on your new position. Leaving the place where you've been rooting for a long time is not an easy decision. Hope you are doing well with this big change ✌

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Sagrario Meneses

Thank you for reading! everything is going well so far, I hope you are also well in your professional career.

aaronlonin profile image
Aaron Lara

Awesome story 👍, never miss a chance to get a better job.

smmd profile image
Sagrario Meneses

:D right, thanks!

yourmdsarfaraj profile image
MD Sarfaraj

First, of configurations for your new job, I hope you are doing well there.
You have written a very nice post, thanks for sharing.

smmd profile image
Sagrario Meneses

Thanks for reading!

aleksflorez profile image
Ales Florez

Thank you for sharing this great experience, maybe this can be inspiration from others.

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Sagrario Meneses • Edited

Special thanks to Jakob Hans and Andrew McDonnell for helping me review this post as editors.