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Briefing 25

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Original Post Date: 5/29/2020
Author: IvanCoHe

Long time no see. Let's get into this!

What do we know about update S1? That's the codename i'm giving it for now, S for survival and 1 for "It is the first one". So this is what we know about the update:

Confirmed features: Waypoints/Beacons (There is actually a chest waypoint in the files rn, not sure if it is used), oil automation and maybe the logbook, as it is on high priority for them.

Doubtful features: Glue automation, easier building material recollection

What about the other content?

We know that better creative mode and more resource automation will come this year. After that, I think they will go in order of what they have done most of, so if I had to say it it would be:

Destructible Warehouses - Modular spuds - Totebot colors - Scrapyard - Exosuit

That's all for today. Bye!

SM Leaks and News

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