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Hello👋, I built this👇, what do you think?

I had fun building this project. And I would like to share.

I built a react component library. And I published it to NPM.
Here is the link: react-loading-indicators.

I would love to here your comments about this. I welcome your views and suggestions.

I created the DEMO site here so you can quickly see what the library offers.

More about the project

This project gives you a collection of loading spinners for your next life-changing project.

Technologies I used

What I have learnt

  • Building a library is different from building a web application.
  • Typescript really helps with catching buggy code before it is a problem.
  • Using Typescript allows you to create a mini documentation of your library just within the source code.
  • Getting hands dirty building projects, is a genuine way of learning to code.
  • Be patient with programming. The brain is not a memory chip to load it with gigabytes of data in one hour.
  • With programming, you can create what you think of.

Briefly about my learning journey

I did not wake up to writing react code. I started with HTML, CSS. Then I progressed to Vanilla Javascript. I stuck around here for some while building vanilla js projects. Then I came to react. I am still continuing with my journey having started to incorporate backend.

You can follow me on twitter. Learning journey doesn't have to be lonely.

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Raí B. Toffoletto

Nice 🎉🎉, but the of the atom one is misaligned in my phone (ios)...

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Smitter hane

Thanks for your feedback, I am preparing to release a new version with new indicators and atom ⚛ animation fixed

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Smitter hane

There is a new version. You may be interested to check out.

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