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Top 3 Laravel Subscriptions Packages


We all know that SaaS applications now are being the trend for new startups and products, companies are moving from one-time payment business model to the recurring payments, as with this approach they can guarantee they have recurring revenue and would help them to keep attaching customers to their product.

Laravel has been the top-notch PHP platform for 2019 and expected to still the same at least for the next 2~3 years. And it’s a great choice for building a subscription platform due to the big community which helps in providing off the shelf startup kits and platforms to start with.

Why Using a Subscription Package:

When dealing with subscriptions there a lot of details need to be considered, like automatic renewal, failed payments, grace periods, payment gateways integrations, hooks.

If this is your first time building a subscription platform then you don’t really want to get into all these details and end up spending all the time in implementing the recurring payment model and forget your main idea, especially with startups where time is very critical and funds are limited.

Top Laravel Subscription Packages:

In this article, we will demonstrate the top 3 laravel packages in the market to get you started with your laravel subscription platform:

Laraship Subscriptions:

Laraship has been in the market since 2015 and is rated as the best laravel subscription platform. There are currently hundreds of sites using Laraship to handle their subscriptions. Laraship provides their clients access to the full source code with no encryption and they have the right to modify it according to their business requirements.

Laraship integrates with 10 payment gateways in addition to offline subscriptions.
In addition to that, Laraship has more than 40 modules and themes to expand features like Laraship Marketplace and Laraship eCommerce.

Laraship Subscriptions

Laravel Cashier:

Cashier is the recurring payment module provided by Laravel, you can use it in your laravel application however it has no GUI or business layer built so you have to implement all of that, Laravel Cashier is supporting Stripe Payments.

Laravel Cashier

Rinvex Subscriptions:

Rinvex Subscribable is a flexible plan and subscription management system for Laravel, with the required tools to run your SAAS like services efficiently. It's a simple architecture, accompanied by powerful underlying to afford a solid platform for your business.

Rinvex Subscriptions


Both 3 platforms are great, if you’re starting a new project then Laraship is your way to go, it saves a lot of time, if you’re adding this feature to your existing project that’s already built then you can use Cashier or Reinvex

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Glenn Carremans

Adding links to each package could improve your post 😉
I have only heard about Cashier, never heard about the other 2. Thanks for sharing!

I might be wrong but Laraship only seems to be a paid package. To bad.
Cashier also has Mollie support (not only Stripe):
And there is also a community package to support Braintree for Cashier:

smatar profile image
Saeed Matar Author

Hi Glenn,
Sorry I missed that,thank you for the important note, I just added the links, and regarding Laraship, yes its not free but its for $49 only and that covers support and updates, in addition to other helpful modules so you basically pay nothing for a SaaS package.

khanzadimahdi profile image

you can use below package for your payments

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Steen Rabol

Laraship is not a subscription package, but a complete app so you cannot use it in your own app

Rinvex is a package, but it looks like it is abandoned