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Top 3 Laravel Marketplace Packages

Saeed Matar
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Marketplace platforms are currently being the trend for new ideas, with COVID-19, many stores are moving their business online due to the lockdowns, and with the marketplace, you remove the burden from site owners to spend a lot of time and cost to build their platform. also gives buyers a variety of products and prices under one hub.

Laravel has been the top-notch PHP platform for 2020 and expected to still the same at least for the next 2~3 years. And it’s a great choice for building a marketplace platform due to the big community which helps in providing off the shelf startup kits and platforms to start with.

In this article we will demonstrate some of off the shelf Multi-Vendor eCommerce platforms that can be a great start for your Marketplace project:

1) Laraship Marketplace

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Laraship has been in the market since 2015 and is rated as the best Laravel marketplace platform. There are currently hundreds of sites using Laraship Marketplace to handle their vendors. Laraship provides their clients access to the full source code with no encryption and they have the right to modify it according to their business requirements.

Laraship integrates with 10 payment gateways in addition to offline payments.
In addition to that, Laraship has more than 40 modules and themes to expand features like Laraship Directory, Classified, Subscriptions.

2) MadeWithLaravel

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The marketplace is a fluent system that provides various functionality for the developers to build their e-commerce system rapidly, it ships with Category, Coupon, Sales, Cart and Wishlist system and even more for its first version

3) Webkul

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Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace: The Multi-Vendor Extension transforms your Bagisto store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace. It allows vendors to create, update, track, and manage their products and orders through their dedicated dashboard. The Admin can easily set a global/separate seller commission for all the sellers.


Marketplace platforms are now easy to build and deploy, if you’re starting a new project then Laraship Marketplace is your way to go, it comes with one year of support and 4 themes available.

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