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Why do you need to build a customer loyalty app for your business?

smartym profile image Sergey V. ・4 min read

Customer loyalty is an important success factor for any business that delivers goods or services. Satisfied consumers are willing to spend more time and money with your company, as well as recommend it to their friends, family, and colleagues.

As a result, income is significantly higher. That’s why organizations analyze the audience needs and preferences to discover the best ways of engagement. A mobile loyalty app is one of the most effective tools to raise customer service and boost sales.

How does a mobile application help increase customer loyalty?

A mobile application is a great sales channel. People can make purchases through it, browse goods, and directly communicate with agents. Furthermore, they can be automatically notified about sales, discounts, special offers, and other useful information that motivates to buy.

Take a look at interesting statistics:

  1. Satisfied consumers generally spend 3-4 times more time with your brand purchasing goods or using services. Therefore, important customer loyalty indicators such as retention rate, brand recognition, average check, life-time value are extremely improved.

  2. Mobile application users are willing to spend more often. What’s more, they buy more expensive items, having an average check 3-40% higher compared to customers that don’t have a smartphone app.

  3. When provided with high-quality service, consumers visit retail stores, banks, restaurants, beauty salons, etc. 2 times more often. This service involves a wide range of elements, for instance, well-trained staff, communication with customers (how quickly your managers respond on calls or emails, how quickly and efficiently they process multiple requests, etc.), and a mobile loyalty application.

What benefits does a customer loyalty app provide?

1. Increase revenue

As today people spend several hours on their smartphones per day, a mobile app is a great tool to stay in touch with your audience, delve into their needs and preferences. This is the key to boosting sales and increasing revenue.

Then, users will appreciate the ability to receive notifications about special offers, collect points, and change them for gifts or other cool things.

By integrating a mobile solution into your business, you can engage customers with interesting insightful content, as well as useful information about shares and discounts. This will help you motivate people to make purchases and be happy about that.

2. Improve customer satisfaction

Mobile apps development has already helped many businesses increase customer loyalty and raise sales. Integrate a newsfeed to share the life of your company and engaging content such as articles, news, polls, quizzes.

Publish posts with useful tips tailored to the interests of your audience such as “10 unique and simple recipes from Gordon Ramsay”, “How to make an amazing make-up for anniversary”, etc. Then, set up rewards for inviting friends in the mobile application to attract more clients and improve user satisfaction. As a result, you will manage to significantly raise brand awareness.

3. Collect and process customer data

An important rule: personalization is the key to success. To get to know your customers, you can embed analytical tools (e.g., Localytics, Flurry, Mixpanel, etc.) in the product to send them personalized recommendations and call-to-actions.

An effective way to collect and analyze user data is to employ beacons. These are small Bluetooth-enabled devices that are widely used for navigating people inside large buildings. They can be simply attached to walls, shopping carts, and other types of surface.

What’s more, beacons are applied for detecting customers when they enter a certain zone (in your store or near it) and monitoring their behavior. So, they can allow you to discover user shopping habits, preferences, etc. Set up automatic push messages that will notify consumers about cool offers of your company when they are nearby.

Then, provide users with the possibility to leave reviews and comments on your goods and services. You can also build the feature of likes, dislikes, and post sharing, so that you can easier get an understanding of what customers really enjoy. Make sure that your employees quickly respond to all the comments, especially negative ones.

Top features for your customer loyalty application

1. Push notifications — Working in conjunction with beacons, a mobile app can send automatic push notifications on user smartphones when they are near your company. You can also set up a push notification system without using beacon technology. In this case, your employees will be able to create and send messages setting up the desired date and time.

2. Mobile app analytics — When creating a mobile customer loyalty solution, integrate a tool that will let you collect and analyze user analytics in real time. You will be able to track and visualize numerous things like the number of daily and monthly users, target audience by age, city, country, etc., life-time value, retention rate, session length, and a lot more.

3. Point-collection system — An engaging feature that will increase customer satisfaction and help you boost sales.

4. QA codes — A simple way for users to receive shares and discounts.

5. Administrator panel — This function will allow your specialists to create and publish posts, send messages, respond to customer reviews and comments right from the admin panel.

6. Catalog of goods or services/Menu — It will enable customers to view products and services that you offer with a few clicks.

7. Newsfeed — Publishing useful content, insights, and interacting with the audience, you will significantly increase customer and brand loyalty.

8. GPS-navigation — Clients will appreciate the ability to use the shortest way to your company.

9. Payments — Now many users prefer to make payments via a smartphone app. So, include this feature to provide customers with true value.

Final thoughts

At the moment, businesses are increasingly using customer loyalty solutions to attract more clients and raise income. A mobile application can provide your organization with numerous advantages.

Engaged customers will use your services and buy your goods instead of turning to competitors. Furthermore, they will come back to your brand again and again while also recommending it to all acquaintances. As a consequence, a smartphone app will help you generate a higher profit.


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