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Pixel Bootstrap 5 - Free Django PyPi Theme

Hello Coders!

This article presents Pixel Boostrap 5, an open-source and actively supported theme for Django. Using this library, available as a PyPi Package, any Django developer can code pixel-perfect websites in minutes. UI is super easy to extend and the configuration is minimal. Thank You!

Pixel Lite is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 user interface kit featuring over 80 fully coded UI elements and example pages that will help you prototype and build a website for your next project.

This open-source library implements all pages required by Django.contrib.AUTH, the default authentication system for Django plus a registration page.

Django Pixel Theme - Mobile View.

Product Highlights

Pixel was built by experienced web developers with a focus on good and high-quality code.

  • ✅ Modern stack: Django & Bootstrap 5
  • ✅ Default Django authentication covered
  • ✅ All UI Kit integrated (for common users)
  • ✅ MIT License
  • ✅ Free Support via Email & Discord

Pixel Lite is an extension of the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework with a focus on heavy styling customization but also with components that are not found by default in the framework, such as new cards, date pickers, timeline items, and example pages.

Django Pixel Theme - Sign IN page

Django Theme Pixel - Contact US

Django Pixel Theme - Contact page (open-source library by AppSeed)

Django Theme Pixel - About Page

Django Pixel Theme - About US page (open-source library by AppSeed)

Thanks for reading! For more resources, please access:

  • 🚀 Free support provided by AppSeed (email & Discord)
  • 👉 More free apps crafted in Flask, Django, and React

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