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Django Dynamic DataTables - Free Library

Hello coders!

This article mentions an open-source library for Django which provides an easy way to build a data tables interface for any model defined in a project. The source code, published on GitHub (MIT license), can be installed via PIP, extended, or used as it is in commercial projects or eLearning activities.

Thanks for reading!

The sample project mentioned above was coded during this short video that starts from an empty project.

✨ Library Highlights

The library can be used to prototype fast data tables UIs using minimal configuration and no coding. Once a new model is migrated to the database and the library configured to use it, the UI is ready to manage the data without writing any code using a simple data table layout.

Here is the required configuration for a model

    # SLUG -> Import_PATH 
    'cities'  : "app2.models.City",
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The above snippet enables the Dynamic Data Table module for the City model defined in the app2 Django application.

class City(models.Model):     
name    = models.CharField(max_length=100)    
info    = models.CharField(max_length=100, default='')    
visited = models.CharField(max_length=100, default='false')
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Using the model definition, the UI is automatically generated and presented to the users.

Might be important to mention that all future updates on the model (add, remove fields) are reflected in the UI without writing code.

Django Dynamic Data Tables - Cities Model (free tool)

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, please access:

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uithemes profile image

Really useful for Django coders.
Any chances to have the pattern for Nodejs?

sm0ke profile image

The NodeJS version is scheduled for development but is not even prototyped yet.
The Node ecosystem is fragmented (many libraries.. etc) and this migth complicate things.
Anyway, once the tools is released, for sure I will drop here a mention.

Thanks for reading! :)

uithemes profile image

Good luck.

crearesite profile image

Great tool.

sm0ke profile image


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