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Django Template Argon

Hello Coders!

Django Argon Theme, a popular open-source project, has been updated to fully cover the default Django Authentication links (registration included). The product is released under the MIT license on GitHub and the sources can be used in commercial projects or eLearning activities without any constraints. Thanks for reading!

Django Argon Theme - Mobile View

✨ Product Highlights

The design credit for this modern Bootstrap 5 design goes to Creative-Tim, a well-known web agency, and open-source contributor.

  • Argon Design - free Bootstrap 5 Kit
  • Django.contrib.AUTH pages - fully covered
  • ✅ KIT is available also for common users
  • Bonus: Registration page
  • ✅ MIT License
  • ✅ Free support via Email & Discord

Argon Dashboard is built with over 70 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

This Dashboard is coming with pre-built examples, so the development process is seamless, and switching from our pages to the real website is very easy to be done. Every element has multiple states for colors, styles, hover, and focus, that you can easily access and use.

This Django theme can be installed and used by following the steps listed in the README file:

👉 Step #1 - Install theme via PIP

$ pip install django-admin-argon-dashboard
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👉 Step #2 - Add admin_argon application to the INSTALLED_APPS section

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👉 Step #3 - Update project routing

    urlpatterns = [
        path('', include('admin_argon.urls')),
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Once the above settings are saved, here are the available links provided by the theme:

    path('', views.index, name='index'),
    path('billing/', views.billing, name='billing'),
    path('profile/', views.profile, name='profile'),
    path('tables/',  views.tables,  name='tables' ),
    path('rtl/',     views.rtl,     name='rtl'    ),
    path('vr/',      views.vr,      name='vr'     ),
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Django Argon Theme - Profile Page

Django Theme Argon - Change Password page

Django Argon Theme - Change Password Page.

Django Theme Argon - Billing Page

Django Argon Theme - Billing page.

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, please access:

  • 🚀 Free support provided by AppSeed (email & Discord)
  • 👉 More free apps crafted in Flask, Django, and React

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The dark mode looks super nice.
Is there any Tailwind version for this?

sm0ke profile image

The tailwind version is a different product, soon available also as a theme.
Thansk for reading!

uithemes profile image

Noted. :)

crearesite profile image

Great library. Thank you

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Murtaza Hashwani

Thank You! VMRO