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Django - A curated list with useful OSS projects

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Hello Coders,

This article presents a short-list of open-source projects that provide common features used in Django projects like UI frameworks integration, render information in charts and data tables, and customize the default Django admin interface for a nicer UI/UX.
All projects are actively supported and the permissive licenses allow to use of the code in hobby/commercial projects.

Thanks for reading! Content provided by AppSeed - a platform used by 2k+ developers across the globe.

Django Simple Charts - Free Sample

Django Datta Able

Admin Dashboard coded in Django Framework on top of Datta Able, a modern Bootstrap 4 dashboard template. The Django codebase is provided with authentication, database, ORM and deployment scripts.

Django Datta Able - Open-Source Admin Panel Coded in Django.

Django Argon Dashboard

Open-source dashboard starter coded on top of popular Argon Dashboard Design (Free Version) crafted by Creative-Tim.

Django Dashboard Argon - Template project provided by AppSeed.

Django Atlantis Dark

Atlantis Lite is a free bootstrap 4 admin dashboard that is beautifully and elegantly designed to display various metrics, numbers or data visualization. This open-source admin dashboard has 2 layouts, many plugins and UI components.

Django Template - Atlantis Dark, free template provided by AppSeed.

Django Vue

Provided by maximdeclercq

A promising attempt to bring the power of VueJS to native Django. Write VueJS code and use VueJS Components inside Django templates without extensive code changes!

Django Simple Charts

Provided by AppSeed

Playground starter to display simple charts in Django using Morris JS:

Boierplate Code Django Dashboard - Template project provided by AppSeed.

Use Chart.js with Django

Provided by Vitor Freitas

Chart.js with Django by Vitor Freitas

Django Plotly Dash

Provided by Sergei Pikhovkin

Open-source Django project for analytical apps - No JavaScript Required.

Django Plotly Dash

Django Data Tables

Provided by AppSeed

Playground starter to manage a data table in Django:

  • Load sample data using the admin section
  • Inline rows edit activated at double click
  • Pagination and Search
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx

Django Datatables Sample - Playground starter provided by AppSeed.


Provided by NeErAj KuMaR

Open-source Django admin theme - Features:

  • Theme Color - Change theme color of admin
  • Material Design - Djadmin is based on material design.
  • Added Language dropdown.

  • Repository: Djadmin
  • License: MIT License

Django Admin Black

Provided by AppSeed

Modern template for Django admin interface coded on top of Black Dashboard (free version) from Creative-Tim - Features:

  • New fresh look
  • Responsive mobile interface
  • Useful admin home page
  • Minimal template overriding
  • Support RTL and LTR template
  • Easy integration

Django Admin Black - Template project for Django provided by AppSeed.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to suggest other projects in the comments section.

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Nice list - Ty!

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Great article

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Love the Vue package! Looking forward to trying that out.