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Deploy Django on AWS | DeployPRO

Hello Coders!

This page explains how to Deploy on AWS a Django Starter using DeployPRO, a free service that aims to simplify the deployment process. Thank you!

✅ Here are the steps

  • Access DeployPRO and register using GitHub
  • Connect your AWS account
  • Create a new VPS Server and wait the full deployment (usually takes ~= 5min)
  • Create a new app or simply fork this sample:
  • Complete the deployment form
  • Confirm the deployment
  • Access the GitHub repository and monitor the progress (GitHub Actions)
  • Visit the app in the browser.

✅ Access DeployPRO

The service allows the registration using GitHub (no password required)

DeployPRO - Registration Page

✅ Connect AWS

In the connections page, users can connect to AWS via credentials.

DeployPRO - AWS Credentials

If the operation is successful, the connection to AWS is flagged as active.

DeployPRO - AWS Connection Active

✅ Create new Server

Before deploying the project, a deployment server needs to be created. This operation takes aprox. 5 minutes.

DeployPRO - Create AWS Server

Once created, we can access the default page and also check out the details in our AWS account:

DeployPRO - AWS Server, the default page.

Server Information (AWS)

DeployPRO - New AWS Server (on AWS)

The server state can be also checked on DeployPRO.

DeployPRO - New AWS Server (on DeployPRO)

✅ Deploy Django

In this phase, the user needs to provide:

  • the repository
  • app name
  • path to the Dockerfile
  • the PORT exposed in Docker (execution entry point)
  • the DeployPRO subdomain

DeployPRO - AWS & Django, App information

DeployPRO - AWS & Django, App information in Full

Once the operation is confirmed, DeployPRO will analyze the input and update the repository with all the necessary scripts for the LIVE deployment.

DeployPRO - Deploy Django on AWS, via GitHub Action.

DeployPRO - Deploy Django on AWS (GitHub Action) CI-CD flow completed.

✅ Access the APP (browser)

At this point, the Django App should be fully deployed on AWS, with an active CI/CD flow:

DeployPRO - Django Starter fully deployed on AWS (CI/CD flow active)

Thanks for reading! Fore more resources & deployment assistance feel free to access:

  • 👉 Deploy Projects using your preferred provider: AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, and GCP (soon)
  • 👉 Get Deployment Support from the team behind this service
  • 👉 Join the Community and chat with the team behind DeployPRO

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Sounds like something that I can use. TY

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The feedback form the early adopters helps a lot.