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Argon Dashboard BS5 - Free Theme for Django

Hello Coders!

This article presents Argon, an open-source PyPi Package that integrates a pixel-perfect design from Creative-Tim in Django. The product aims to install to any Django project a modern design with a minimal configuration effort. Might be important to say that the product covers the admin section (reserved for superusers) but is also usable in the public space for common users.

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As mentioned in the project README, in order to use the theme we need to execute two simple steps:

Step #1 - Install the package via PIP

$ pip install django-admin-argon-dashboard
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Step #2 - Configure the project to use the design

        'admin_argon.apps.AdminArgonConfig',  # <-- NEW
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Once the file is saved, we should see the effects on the admin section of the website, reserved for superusers.

Django Admin Argon - Free PyPi Package.

Video Presentation

For a complete review of the product feel free to access the presentation published on YouTube.

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, please access:

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uithemes profile image

Thank you for this great work!
Looks good also on mobile. Can we expect to have a persistent dark mode?

sm0ke profile image

This evolution is scheduled in the next version.