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Dropped a "Golang Course For Absolute Beginners"

πŸš€ Dropped a "Golang Course For Absolute Beginners" today.

✍ I decided to cover all core concepts of Go Programming language within this course.

➑️ Topics which we will cover:
1) Introduction of Golang
2) Installation of Golang
3) Golang Setup in VScode
4) Hello World Program
5) Variables
6) Primitives
7) Constants
8) Arrays and Slices
9) Maps and Structs
10) Control Flow
11) Looping
12) Defer, Panic and Recover
13) Pointers
14) Functions
15) Methods
16) Functions V/S Methods
17) Interfaces
18) Go-Routines
19) Channels
20) Packages
21) Simple Server with Gin

😍 After completing this course I will upload my next course "Server-Side Programming with Go".

✍ For now, don't forget to save the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


πŸ•΄ Tools Which I'm Using:
1) Audacity
2) OpenShot Video Editor
3) Movavi Screen Recorder

Intro: Video

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