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Dropping Master Git & Github Course

🚀 Dropping the "Master Git and GitHub - Beginner To Expert" course from today.

✍ I decided to cover all concepts required to contribute to open source projects.


  • Intro
  • What is Git?
  • Download and Install Git
  • Git Basics
  • Git Extensions for VSCode
  • What is GitHub?
  • Create Account on GitHub
  • How To Create a Repository
  • How To Push to Repository
  • Why Create Issue
  • Why Create branches
  • Why Create Pull Request
  • Review/Approve/Merge a Pull Request
  • Why Create Releases
  • Git Advance
  • Contribute To Open Source Projects
  • How To Join an Organization
  • How To Create your own Organization
  • Working with Private Repositories in Organization
  • Files Required within an Open Source Project
  • Why use GitHub Bots
  • GitHub Contribution Graphs Overview
  • Creating Projects
  • Creating Gists
  • Decorating GitHub Profile
  • Final Thoughts


My Introduction:
I am Vivek Anand Sharma aka Slim Coder a Software Engineer and have worked with the latest technologies having great professional experience in the field of Software Development and Programming.

My expertise includes:
✔ Back-End using NodeJS and Go.
✔ SQL and NoSQL databases.
✔ REST APIs using Express, Fastify, Koa, Gin.
✔ Microservices based Applications.
✔ Front-end responsive web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (PWA), Material-UI, Bootstrap, React, Redux, and Angular.
✔ Docker for containerized applications.
✔ Deployment of the highest scalable application that can be run on any cloud service provides including (Amazon AWS, Heroku, etc).
✔ Mobile Application using React Native framework.
✔ Message broker with RabbitMQ and SQS, SNS within Microservices architecture.
✔ Unit/Integration/API/E2E Testing with Jest, Supertest, Chai, Mocha,

I am also an open-source developer, community enthusiast, love to helps developer communities and students, love to speak in events/webinars, love to give back to the community by recording courses, and uploading those courses for free.

My community/volunteer works helped by:
✔ Contributing to Freecodecamp, Node js foundation,, and a lot of open source developers around the globe.
✔ Contributing to Local communities of Google, Microsoft, Github, etc as Speaker.
✔ Uploading videos/courses/webinars on YouTube.
✔ Writing codes for Startups and Companies to build real-time projects.
✔ Publish on Medium also helped the developer community on
✔ Solving the developer's issues on Stackoverflow.

My achievements/certifications include:
✔ Community Manager of Mentors without Borders.
✔ Community Lead of Golang Pakistan.
✔ Three Medium publishers namely, Be Yourself, Voice of Code, and Warp 9.
✔ Two Top 10 Github Organization in Pakistan.
✔ MERN Stack and MOS Word Certified.
✔ Member of AWS and Linux Pakistan.
✔ One Featured article on Medium.
✔ One Complete Video Course.

⭐ Slim Coder is a character that is inspired by Eminem (Slim Shady).

😍 Plateforms:

1) Youtube:
2) Medium:
4) StackOverflow:
5) GitHub:
6) Blog:
7) FB Page:

Don't forget to contact me at my email address:


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