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TypeScript Vs JavaScript Vs Ecmascript?Comparison?

TypeScript Vs JavaScript Vs Ecmascript

Hello guys in this blog we are going to compare Javascript,Typescript and Ecmascript.First of all let's talk about Javascript.Javascript was introduced in the early 90s as a programming language for web.Before Javascript Developers used Java as a Programming Language for Web and created Web Pages which were know as Applets.Now there was a Company named Landscape.They thought that they should develop a programming language for Web and hence they developed Javascript but in it's early stages it was not very popular but after some time it started growing and nowadays it is considered as the most popular programming language as we can develop Web Apps,Mobile Apps as well as Desktop App in Javascript.

Now let's talk about Typescript which is you can say an improvement of Javascript Programming Language.Typescript was developed by Microsoft and it says "TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript compiled to JavaScript. In other words, TypeScript is JavaScript plus some additional features". I think you are clear with both Javascript and TypeScript.

Now let's talk about Ecmascript,Ecmascript is nothing it has just improved Javascript or you can say it is an standarised version of Javascript.At early stages Javascript was a functional programming language but later through ecmascript Object Oriented Concepts such as Classes and Objects was introduced in Javascript.


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