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Satyam Kumar Verman
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Creating and Deploying a complete Website

Hello guys this is Satyam and in today's blog I am going to discuss the complete procedure to build,deploy and monetize you website or web app.So let's get started.

First of all you need to create a website,you can create it by your own if you have the knowledge of web development or you can hire people that are called Freelancers and they will charge some amount to your task,you should have a good idea of what service your website will provide,is it a Blogging site or a tutoring site,it depends upon you and your idea.If you talk about the things you need to know for Developing a good website or web app are very simple,you need to know about HTML, CSS and JavaScript,these are must for every web developer aspirant.You can very easily create powerful websites using these three technologies but for Developing a web app dedicated to services like e commerce you need to know about Python Frameworks such as Django or JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular or React and if you opt for Java you need to know about frameworks like JSP,Spring and Servlet.You can also learn some CSS libraries or pre processors such as SCSS or LESS.You can also learn Gatsby JS or Bootstrap both are popular CSS frameworks.If you have the knowledge of Web Development you need to know About the idea or niche for which you should create your website.Now let's move on the the deployment section.

If you are creating a static site,you can take the use of Static Web Hosting Services such as Netlify or if you are creating a dynamic web application or site you can chose Shared Linux Web Hosting.Siteground and Hostinger are the learning hosting providers in the market.If you are creating a web app in django you need to use Heroku and please don't use Shared Hosting,you must use Dedicated servers.

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Monetization of a Web App or Website is very easy nowadays due to availability of services such as Absence,by which you can very easily put ads on your web site and earn some money,you can also make money by sponsoring products on your web page or via your YouTube channel and affiliate marketing is also a good way to make money by your site...

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