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Top 5 coding websites in 2021

Hello programmers this is Satyam again back with another awesome blog and in this blog I am going to discuss the best coding sites you need to visit in 2021.So programmers let's get started.

1.Codechef:CodeChef is known as a non-profit educational organization founded by Direct, an Indian software company. You can immediately resolve the issue on their website through their online editor support tool. And depending on your level, choose the challenges listed on the website. Also, its highlight is that you can communicate with other developers if you have difficult questions or answer questions from other developers.The rating system in Codechef is a very slow process and if you want a fast rating system then it's not for you but if you want to practice more then codechef is good for you.

2.Codeforces:It is one of the most popular website for coding and contests are held regularly it it and the rating system of codeforces is pretty fast and the questions are literally difficult.It is maintained by a group of competitive programmers from ITMO University led by Mikhail Mirzayanov. Since 2013, Codeforces claims to surpass Topcoder in terms of active contestants.

3.Hackerrank:Hackerrank is a very interactive website for coding unlike codeforces and codechef the questions are easy and personally I enjoy while using this site for coding because of it's friendly UI.HackerRank's programming challenges can be solved in a variety of programming languages (including Java, C++, PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript) and span multiple computer science domains.

4.Topcoder:Topcoder is a crowdsourcing company with an open global community of designers, developers, data scientists, and competitive programmers. Topcoder pays community members for their work on the projects and sells community services to corporate, mid-size, and small-business clients.

5.Leetcode:This is another awesome website for coding. There are 800+ questions (and growing), each with multiple solutions. Questions are ranked by level of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. Similar websites include HackerRank, Topcoder and others.

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