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Satyam Kumar Verman
Satyam Kumar Verman

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Stop Learning C++

Hello guy's this is Satyam and in today's blog I am going to discuss the importance of C++ Programming language and should you learn C++ in 2020 or not.So let's get started.

First of all,I would like to say that I personally love to code using C++ programming language and in fields such as AI,Android App Development and Software Development C++ is a major Language but it's a difficult language for newbie programmers and also C++ is not used in Web Development whereas it's competitors such as Java provides a bunch of Frameworks and tools to develop web apps or services.Also programming langauges such as Python which is considered as the most beginner friendly programming language can be easily used for software development and web development also it has some frameworks such as Kivy which we can use to develop Applications so overall the points are:

1.C++ is not a beginner friendly language.

2.C++ is not used in Web Development.

So if you want to be a Web developer,You didn't need to know C++ programming language.

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Discussion (4)

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Louis Low

Haha! I was going to debunk this topic because of my God-language C++ is being hurt. But after I read the post, Nah, forget it. It's just a mislead topic for clickbait.

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Satyam Kumar Verman Author

Oo 😁

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

Actually people should stop learning C++ and the interview platforms for coding interviews should also start discouraging the same.

C++ is a fantastic language and has gone through the worst of times. But it has poor cross platform support. This makes it hard to work with.

There are many C++ compilers and not all of them are compatible with each other.

Modern C++ is very different from C++ with classes. It seems like a different programming language altogether. This gives rise to a lot of problems.

So what are the alternatives:

  1. Want a quick solution to implement something without sacrificing a lot of performance: a. Golang b. Nim (My favourite)
  2. Want something robust made to be direct replacement for C++: Rust
  3. Want something very quick and dirty? Go for JavaScript/Python/Nim (yeah. Nim is that easy)

This is how the programming language scenario is now.

Going for language with almost 100% cross platform support is a plus.

Also not to mention that a community adopted popular package manager is also a plus.

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Satyam Kumar Verman Author • Edited on

Ya I have faced these problems ☺️