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Frontend Developer in 2020 - 2021 ?

 Skills to become a Frontend Developer in 2020 - 2021?
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Hello programmers,this is Satyam,in todays blog we are to talk about some skills required to become a frontend developer in 2020 or 2021.It's only my opinion and views.Let's first talk about who is a Frontend developer.A Frontend Developer is a person who works on creating the User Interfaces i.e. creating the part of web which we see.Or by definition we can say "A Frontend Developer is the person who works on frontend technologies such as HTML,CSS and JavaScript as well as some Frameworks such as React,Angular and Vue".

Ten years ago when there were no frameworks available in the market technologies such as HTML,CSS and Javascript were enough to get a Job but nowadays you at least need to know one Framework may be React and Angular which are the most popular frameworks currently in the market.Now the question arises that how to learn these frameworks.Learning is very simple,Learning this frameworks is very easy as tons of high quality tutorials are available on Platforms such as Youtube and there are also some good websites to learn these Frameworks.You can also learn frameworks such as MeteorJS or ElectronJS which are not actually frontend frameworks but you will not get paid only for few frameworks you need to know a lot of things including Desktop App Development.Because it is very neccessary to learn all these skills in this competetive World.

                Roadmap of Learning
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HTML is actually a markup language which is very easy to learn,talking about CSS which is stylesheets for HTML Page and the last but not the least that is the Javascript programming language which makes the Web Page look and feel Dynamic.Once You have learned these three technologies you can move on to frameworks such as React and Angular both are good frameworks.Angular was developed by Google and React was developed by Facebook.After learning all these skills you can work as a freelancer or you can also start a youtube channel to teach these skills to others or you can also write blogs.This is what I think about Frontend Development.


               Thanks For Reading
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