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Sebastian Korfmann
Sebastian Korfmann

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Matthew Bonig (Open Construct Foundation), Mike Bild and I are joining forces to build out as a content hub around the emerging Cloud Development Kit (CDK) ecosystem. With AWS CDK, cdk8s and Terraform CDK the CDK family has now three members, and I'm sure it'll continue to grow. Not only in regards to core products, but ancillary products, tools and services as well.

Our Mission

We set out to aggregate content and events, provide a home for little tools and last but not least, become a hub for ideas and questions around the CDK ecosystem.

Our short term goals include:

  • Build a simple content aggregator for blog posts, tweets and events
  • Build a dedicated section for educational content
  • Build a project show case listing for inspiration

While we think our mission is aligned with the goals of AWS (AWS-CDK / cdk8s) and HashiCorp (cdktf), this project is not affiliated with those companies. It's a private effort coming from us and whoever joins along the way.

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Current State

We created a new Github Organization with one dedicated repository for organizing ourselves. A simple landing page was setup and is live already.

Other than that, I opened up my private Slack channel - which I used as a feedback channel for early adaptors of Terraform CDK. Feel free to grab an invite and join. The Slack chat can be used for ad-hoc discussions, whereas more thorough and detailed planning will happen in the Github repository.

GitHub logo cdk-dev / base

Repo for organizing things around - The Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Ecosystem Hub

This is a community driven project for the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and will cover the entire CDK ecosystem:

It's a place to bring up and discuss ideas, plan the next steps and provide feedback.


We build a dedicated hub for people interested in the CDK ecosystem.


  • Create a content hub for CDK topics
  • List upcoming events
  • Provide examples and howtos
  • Provide a space to discuss and exchange ideas
  • Provide helpful tools

Website Repo

Join Us

We're committing to build and steer this project in public and would love to get more people involved early on. If you're keen on joining us, grab a Slack invite and get in touch :)

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