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Cloud Driven Development - Episode #001

Last week, I launched Cloud Driven Development (CDD) as a Youtube channel - a somewhat regular live coding series covering the topic of cloud development from various point of views. The sessions are usually in a pair programming setting, with changing guests & topics for each episode.

With CDD I want to explore developer focused tools, services and workflows beyond "Cloud Native" (which always translates to Kubernetes in my head). So, let's embrace that vendor lock-in, forget about containers for the most part and dive into a world without a local dev or testing environment.

If you're up for some casual talking / live coding about a topic which fits this category, I'd be more than happy to hear from you. I explicitly want to learn about new things outside of the CDK bubble as well and have some super exciting topics in the pipeline already.

Async Testing with AWS CDK

For the first episode I was super happy to have Matt Morgan as a guest, who wrote a very interesting blog post about "Async Testing with AWS CDK".

As the title suggests, Matt has been exploring cloud testing strategies. The approach we're talking about in this episode, leverages Cloudformation and Custom Resources. The best part, it's not just an academic excercise but it's actively being used at his current employer PowerSchool.

Technical Notes

Custom Resource

Next Episode

The next episode is scheduled already, where Ben Force and I will build a really simple Alexa Skill with the AWS CDK. In this context particularly interesting: How to keep iteration cycles small, get fast feedback and can tests help there?

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Martin Muller

Loving it !

An Animated Guide to Node.js Event Loop

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