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Introduction to State Machines with XState and React

Jakub Skoneczny
Full Stack Web Developer (React, Node, PHP). In spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar and reading about space.
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My first online course on Udemy

I have recently made a course about creating state machines with XState and using it inside React apps.

State machines with XState is a fresh topic for Frontend development, which allows us to better manage applications state.

If you are new to finite state machines' concepts or if you have ever heard about state machines, but you have no clue what is that about, then go and check on this course.

Check it out:

Sample coding video with Video Player component

I also present a sample coding video from this course in which I code a Video Player component with a cool autoplay option. Video is to be seen on Youtube. Link below:

I really appreciate all kinds of feedback! Reviews and comments are welcome :)

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