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How can ignore a files that have already been committed to the repo?

If a file already committed and pushed into your github repo. And you forgot to add in .gitignore and make your push. Then you can ignore that file by ( make sure you add that file name in .gitignore ) -

Remove the files from the index (not the actual files in the working copy)

git rm -r --cached .
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Add these removals to the Staging Area

git add .
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git commit -m "your commit message"
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Voila 🐌

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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

This might actually be the first git CLI command I'll ever learn. This happens to me quite often, and I find myself doing the deletion, committing/ignoring/comitting path all over. Thanks!

siumhossain profile image

You are most welcome.
I'm glad you found this useful 😀
Please keep in touch for more 🤝

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