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What's new on the Sitecore Developer Portal - July 2022

Hello everyone! Time for another rollup of all the changes that have been happening on the Sitecore Developer Portal since our last update in April. This quarter focused on how we can get more enablement content out for developers, and lay the ground work for the new XM Cloud product.

If you haven't seen it before, the Developer Portal has an open source repo on GitHub because we want you to be able to contribute to the portal and help other developers in the community. You can help contribute directly from the portal, or log issues on GitHub with something you'd like to see!

A unified search for developer content

One of the things that lots of developers have told us is that it is hard to find things across all the different platforms. The pages and menus on the Developer Portal allow you to navigate to various resources when you are first exploring, but now we have introduced a way to search for relevant developer content immediately!

You can try a search from any page on the developer portal, right at the top. Currently the search can search across the Developer Portal, multiple documentation sites, our Discover Sitecore YouTube channel, and even Sitecore Stack Exchange. We hope to add other sources in the future!

A search results page shows facets on the left to restrict the search results as well as search results displayed in a list on the right.

The Sitecore Developer Newsletter Archive

Many Sitecore Developers are already signed up for our newsletter which contains great content, from the community and Sitecore, delivered to their inboxes. But what if you want to see previous editions of the newsletter? How do you find that content?

This quarter we delivered the new Developer Newsletter Archive feature which allows you to browse through past editions of the Sitecore newsletter:

We still have to upload the June edition, but this is hopefully a start to helping you more easily find great content from around the community. Let us know what you think!
A webpage screenshot shows a listing of newsletters that can be viewed from various months

Other changes and improvements

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