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Sitecore Stack Exchange Beta stage is over!

Today is an exciting day for the community as the Sitecore Stack Exchange site has graduated from the Stack Exchange Beta program and become a fully public member of the Stack Exchange family!

Kermit is excited!

Stack Exchange made the official announcement via the Stack Exchange Meta site on December 16th , officially welcoming Sitecore Stack Exchange to the Stack Exchange network:

A five year journey

The voyage to this day started in late 2016 when a small group of community members gathered together to kick this off in a private beta Stack Exchange calls “Area 51”. While in this initial stage, the community seeded the site with all sorts of questions and answers to show that this would really help the Sitecore community and that the community was dedicated to making it a success. It took a lot of effort by a lot of people but the Sitecore community rallied together (as it always does) and made it to a public beta stage in early 2017! A huge shoutout to all those community members who did so much work in those early days, especially during that period of time when it almost got shut down. 😱

From there, Stack Exchange has been monitoring certain metrics such as the volume of traffic, the number of active users, and how many new questions are being asked. Right now, the Sitecore Stack Exchange site is getting about 10K page views a day, helping a whole lot of people in the community, and has been doing so for a very long time. Great work everybody!

Mark Cassidy, who has been involved in the Sitecore community for over 15 years and has been part of the moderator that has been driving this initiative, spoke with Nicole Montero about this huge accomplishment:

A big thank you is also deserved for the moderators who have been driving this project through the public beta:

Now that the site has graduated from the beta program, the site will lose the “Beta” tag and will also start the process of eventually having elections to select moderators from the community.

About Sitecore Stack Exchange

Sitecore Stack Exchange is a site started by a group of community members in late 2016 which gathers questions and answers related to Sitecore from the community. The content is curated and community approved, and because of the quality gains extremely high ranking with Google.

As stated by Mark Cassidy on the announcement podcast:

“We aim to be the first and the last stop of anyone’s search journey for any question related to Sitecore”

Sitecore Stack Exchange infographic highlighting various stats of the site (8K page views per day, 23K+ posts, about 9K user accounts, 90% of traffic is search)

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