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Sitecore downloads are now global!

Good news in 2020? Yes!

Sitecore has placed all downloads from onto a global CDN to provide faster download times and availability to wherever you find yourself in the world! This means less time downloading the latest plugins, software installation packages, and whatever else you need for your projects.

This also comes with another welcome change that has been asked for by the community for a long time: no more account logins for downloads!

This aligns with the existing public availability of Sitecore NuGet packages and the new Sitecore Docker Image Repository.

Sitecore software is now available to download for everybody, anywhere in the world, no restrictions.

Well there is still one restriction…

This change only affects how to download the software. Running the software has not changed and still requires a valid license. If you do not have access to a valid license but wish to start learning about Sitecore, you may want to look into our Learning options which can help you get started or our Developer Trial which can provide you with another way to start learning.

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