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Dom Sipowicz
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What I use for development?(Top11 dev AI tools)

Let's cut to the chase. I code, you code, we all love to code—but we can do it smarter with the right AI tools. Here's my no-nonsense list:


It's autocomplete on steroids. Helps me code faster and sometimes even smarter. Just don't let it comment your code for you; it's a bit too verbose.

And here is what I'm waiting for the most:

GitHub Copilot for Pull Requests - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

AI tool by GitHub that assists in improving pull request descriptions, generating missing unit tests, providing AI suggestions while typing, and automating code suggestions and review responses.


Vercel v0

UI prototyping minus the PowerPoint nightmares. Drag, drop, done. React components without the theatrics.

Vercel v0 - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

It generates copy-and-paste friendly HTML or React code based on Shadcn UI and Tailwind CSS that people can use in their projects.



Copilot's overachieving sibling. Code suggestions, nice PR like refactoring, and it even chats. It's like an IDE plugin crossed with a therapist.

Cursor - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Cursor is an AI-first code editor designed for pair-programming, offering features like code browsing, documentation referencing, code generation, bug fixing, and seamless migration from VSCode. It aims to empower developers and accelerate software development.



Debugging? Surprisingly useful. Like having a rubber duck that talks back, but way more insightful.

Vercel AI Templates

No need to reinvent the wheel—or the neural network. Pre-built AI project examples that actually teach you something.

Vercel AI Playground

Test models like GPT 3.5, GPT-4, Llama and others without the API key hassle. A one-stop shop for prompt model comparison.

Vercel AI Playground - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Compare side-by-side AI chatbots from OpenA, Anthropic, Meta and Google



Automated JSON mocks. Because manually creating JSON mocks is as fun as debugging race conditions.

JSON Data AI - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Generates JSON data based on user prompts. It allows users to define the structure and parameters of the data format they need, providing quick and customizable JSON solutions.



For when I need to write emails that don't sound like they're auto-generated. Ironically, they are.

Wordtune - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Rewrite and rephrase text on the websites directly, in the web app and as a mobile keyboard.



Counts GPT tokens and even gives you the price tag.

Tiktokenizer - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Tool to tokenize text, show token count, token price and visualise tokens in text.


Perplexity AI

Got a research question? Get an informed answer without skimming arXiv for three hours.

Perplexity AI - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

AI-driven answer engine for complex questions.


Copilot for Docs

Documentation, but searchable and interactive. It's like Google, but it actually finds the answer in your project docs.

Copilot for Docs - What is it? How does it work? | ListedAI

Copilot for Docs from GitHub Next that uses relevant information from project documentation to answer questions and explain concepts. It aims to provide developers with faster access to the most relevant content, saving them time and effort in scouring through extensive documentation.


And there you go, no fluff.


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Rakesh Purohit

There is a tool called wisegpt and it works so damn good.

sip profile image
Dom Sipowicz

thanks! I signed up already "#3235 Your position on the waitlist"

ddaoxuan profile image
Dawid Dao Xuan

Such a good list, defo going to try some of the few that I'm not currently using! Just can't wait for Copilot for PRs aswell, it is going to dramatically improve ability to become 10x

sip profile image
Dom Sipowicz

Yes, GitHub Copilot for Pull Requests is the most wanted AI tool for me. I tried even many times on X, Discord reach out to GitHub Next team but with no successes :(

There are other products that try to do that but it's not there yet.

jdgamble555 profile image
Jonathan Gamble

What do you use to create blog title images?