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9 Projects you can do to become a Frontend Master in 2020

Simon Holdorf on October 06, 2019

Introduction Wether you are new to programming or already an experienced developer. In this industry learning new concepts and languages... [Read Full]
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Interesting and inspiring article!

To learn/practice a JS framework I always build the same (video game search) app to focus on the front-end without spending time on the API, build tools... It's also a good way to compare the frameworks. But it may be time to change to another app :)


You must be the master of video game searches, no doubt :)


I would recommend to use wemake-vue-template to get started with Vue and Nuxt.

It allows you to start easily with the full-featured project. Features:

  • Proven to work on both small and large scale projects
  • Always up-to-date with the help of @dependabot
  • Latest nuxt for server-side rendering
  • Full typescript support, including Vue's SFC, Vuex, and tests
  • Tools to write business logics including: DI, IoC, runtime type validation
  • Linting with eslint + stylelint
  • jest for unit tests and testcafe for end-to-end testing
  • docker optional support for development, testing, and production
  • Gitlab CI with full test and deploy pipeline configured by default
  • Meaningful docs, covering almost every aspect of the project, including jsdoc annotations
  • Full vscode support and list of suggested settings and plugins
  • Easy update process, so your template will always be up-to-date

One of the most useful articles I've read in a while.

I'm also just on the brink of starting with JavaScript Frameworks.

Still a beginner. But I'm hoping I can do one of these.

Thank you for the article brother.

It's amazing.


As a beginner, don't ever start off with frameworks, go for vanilla JavaScript first.


I think it really depends where you come from, how you learn best and what you want to achieve. It won't hurt to know the basics but if you have fun learning for example some Vue first and that helps you to become a better developer I would go for it.


Yes. I have gone through Vanilla JavaScript. That's the reason I'm proceeding to frameworks now.


I have no doubt that you can do it. The only way to find out and become better is to start building stuff! I wish you all the best on your journey :)


Ameer, what projects have you been working on to build your skills?


Right now. I'm working on the Search movie app mentioned in this post.
It's the perfect project to get used to React Hooks.


Thanks for your sharing. These really will be useful for newbies.

Btw, I did all of them but I haven't got a good CSS knowledge. Yes JS and its frameworks are good but I need advice about CSS :) What are your suggestions?

I need a guide like a start zero to a hero guide.

For example, it should contain, "units of measurement", "PSD to HTML", "mobile design and desktop design" etc.

Let's assume, Think a designer who uses the sketch. He/She gave me a template and expecting me coding this template.

What should I do first?


Have you checked out Scott Tolinski's site yet?

He is a great teacher and has some free resources available


Thanks. I'll check. Actually, he is on my list :) I couldn't watch this series.

Advance Css/Sass course of Jonas Schmedtmann is a very helpful one, explained all in details 😄


Excellent overview of frameworks and tools to build Apps.
It seems to me that is a bit ambitious trying to master all of them.
I use React (and Redux for state management) and still I am struggling with that.
Might be it is better to get a approach to all of them that be proficient in one.


I wanted to make it a bit broader on purpose so that everyone can find something that fits for him/her. If you are already investing in react I would stick with it.


Yes. That is what I thought in first place.
Anyway, I have Vue inmediately in the queue with excellent instructor Stephen Grider in Udemy.


As for GatsbyJS, I really recommend going through their tutorial on creating a Gatsby website, before using any templates. It's amazingly documented and well explained. Helped me a lot before I started using templates.


Do you think it would be a good idea to have a topic about different CMS selection for GatsbyJS and their usability for different projects? :)


You mean like contentful, headless wordpress, etc?

Sounds like a good idea!

Yup, exactly, I think they differ in terms of setup complexity/speed for start and some can be better for small projects (like a simple blog for example).


This is such a great article for so many people. It's just missing Aurelia, which is honestly such a fantastic framework. Well worth far more publicity. Unfortunately, the Google's and Facebook's steal the show with mainstream momentum... Such is life.


Yeah there are some real nice frameworks out there, but it would go too far to cover them all in one article :/


This is very exciting, right now I can't do any of these projects. Let's see what I can do in the next weeks.


I'm glad it inspired you. The thing is that just have to build stuff if you want to become better. Theory gives you only so much but building apps and doing projects is what takes you forward!
Maybe check out some Vue.js if you are new to this because it is very beginner-friendly in my opinion.


Hi, I have been a backend developer working with java sprint boot and nodejs express techstack for quite a while.
I want to make a transition to frontend development so as to be a fullstack developer.
Should I jump into the above mentioned projects?


I think it would be a smart move to go for one major framework like Vue or React sooner or later then. So you could use this to get a good overview and then decided with what to go on. Nuxt(Vue) works well with express so this might be a good starting point!


Also it would be a big transition from a mindset perspective. As a backend developer, we think about data, persistence, concurrency, scalability. Etc.

I guess frontend development needs a mindset shift and some focus areas to think about

Yeah it would be a pretty big shift. Not mentioned in the article is all the things like learning CSS, learning accessibility, and learning to build in an environment where there are many unknown variables that you have no control over (screen-size, device type, browser, input method, etc.)


I'm a web developer from China.
It's very lucky that I found your essay a few days ago.It helped me a lot to some extent.
So here's a request that if I could get your permission to translate your essay into Chinese to help more Chinese web learner.It will be extremely delighted if I can have your permission.
And no matter what it would be,I'm still grateful for learning from you.Looking forward to your answer.

Best wishes.


Nice high level aggregation. This is awesome for anyone, even experienced dev, to refresh the knowledge and keep up with things.

Oh wait, what am I thinking? Nobody can keep up with front end frameworks iterations.

We’ll all just be chasing like crazy ;)


Yeah that's true to some extent. But Nobody needs to fully know everything in and out, If you are capable to handle one of the major frameworks well and also have some good basics in JS you are well prepared for the future I think.


Thank you, Simon, for such a great and diverse overview! I often struggle to come up with ideas for projects that will help me to master new programming skills. And this article will be my cheatsheet :)


Hey Simon, excellent article.
In my case, I prefer to learn this way with a real-life example than see all simple articles and documentation about it. I will save so much time. Next weekend I will start to see it. I am working with react js and in the beginning, it was so hard to understand the react work way and after redux connections. Whether I had an article like that my life could be easier. Thanks for share with us.


You are welcome Emerson, all the best on your journey!


Great article.
I am also using VueJs in my current project. It's really fun to work with VueJs.


It absolutely is, I really enjoy working with Vue.js!


Nice article. I hope you can recommend some projects for vanilla JavaScript.


I suggest you to try to build a (very very simple) framework.

Try to implement the basis of a frontend framework: Render components, change detection, spa routing...

I don't think you will get anything suitable/maintainable/performant enough for a production environment, but you will learn a lot about vanilla Javascript and the typical gotchas of the frontend.


There are a few articles over the internet from people that tried to do it as a learning experience and documented it, however I can't find one good enough right now.

Those 3 topics I think are the core of every frontend framework:

  • Render components
  • Detect changes on the data model and update those components (and viceversa)
  • Navigation without reloading (spa routing)

So you can start by trying to find out how you are going to implement components.

You can do the Angular/Vue way, that is to render the component from an html template and give it some capabilities based on custom html tags, or you can go with the React approach, that is the opposite, to create the components using javascript functions and return the template.

Once you have that, you should start with the actual rendering. The gotcha here is to render components recursively (one component has another on its template, so when you render the parent every child gets rendered eventually).

Once you have that, start with change detection. This is the most tricky point I think, because it has to be done recursively also, but it can be a headache to keep it performant.

You can check the source code and issue trackers of existing frameworks to try to extract some techniques and knowledge about how they solved it.


Nice article thanks. Have you got any good projects for building an application using Web Components?


Thank you for putting together this list of projects. I do learn better with projects, as I generally screw something up which forces me to look up solutions and learn the code. LOL. Anyway can't wait to get started on a couple of these!


I always wonder why (almost) no one realizes the potential of flutter for the web. I'd even put that above React/Vue as soon as it leaves beta status for web development. Finally a new way to design responsive web-sites/apps without all the hassle of html and css. Not to speak of all the baggage js brings and the tooling mess around it.


Interesting and inspiring article!

Can I translate it into Chinese to help more developers?


This is great! Now I've an idea of what to work on in 2020 for personal projects ... and what to write about. Thank you.


Jenna, thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best for your projects and your writing! :)


Cool article. It will help a lot of devs to easily try other frameworks. Thanks for this mate!


Great post! Any particular reason no to include emberjs?


Yes, I didn't find a project that both fulfilled my quality expectations and was also up to date. But I will gladly update the post if you have one in mind?


Hi, Simon. I think Mike North's workshop may be a good resource for those wanting to try out Ember (in particular, Ember Octane).

Mike starts out simple by teaching how to component-ize your HTML files and how to render dynamic data. He then gradually introduces more advanced topics in web development.

The video recording is on Frontend Masters (members only), but Mike's notes are available for free for everyone who want to self-learn and conduct the workshop themselves.



No. I really don't have any in mind. Shared your post on Twitter. Lets see if anyone replies 😎


Great article summarising projects on different JavaScript framework or library.

I will also suggest it is worth looking at this blog which lists down some of the Frontend technologies to be considered in 2020


Thank you very much! This article will benefit me much!


Thanks for the motivation. I might take this on as my winter break challenge, instead of the Advent of Code


So I can become a frontend master by developing a to-do app with Svelte?


I don't think it's the good message for young out-of-the-school developers. You promise shiny and brilliant future to them with many libraries and frameworks that didn't even exist 3 years ago and that will be replaced by a more shiny one next year. It 's not with libraries & frameworks that we, developers, build a solid experience.

Moreover, it's not with to-do app and static blogs that we become masters. It's by practicing again and again, by learning fundamentals, best practices, design patterns, languages' principles, by trying, failing and not giving up. It's by building complex systems, working with many other devs, and putting code to production.


Hi Simon, my question is if I just know the basics of JavaScript will I still be able to do this apps since I am new to angular, Vue and many more this framework you mentioned?


Hi Mercy, I mean you have to start somewhere right? You could try to do learn some Vue.js concepts and do one a realted project to see how it works. And if you like the framework, work on your JavaScript skills besides digging deeper into Vue....


Ok thanks brother will surely go through that.
Ow and do you specifically have a link where I can go through the documentation of vue.js?


Let's just say that I want to build all these projects, and let's say I've done all of them, can I put these projects in my portfolio eventho

  1. I haven't mastered some of those languages yet (or never)
  2. I just follow the tutorials, make sure everything is correct and done.


  1. I understand (tried to) how the codes work

can I?


Thank you Simon! Love the challenge, and the detail of your opinions on each! Appreciated.


Well I guess all that's left to say is: Just Do IT :)


This is an amazing article. It combines different kind of javascript framework that you can learn. Thanks Simon


Thanks Emmanuel, I wanted to provide you both an overview and also some direction where to move!


1'm in love with Gatsby, gonna give it a try. Nice article!


Very interesting, I am shifting my next goal to this asap


Thank's a lot Simon will surely work on these projects.


please share few project links for React Native also


I recently found this one for React Native Web, looks pretty solid:


Great post, wait to see what is the hottest FE in 2020?


I really feel happy when I see a quality post with some decent resources under the article.


Thanks man, really appreciate your comment!


This is a very great post, I will do all I can to create all these wonderful apps.

Building a lot of them with react though, then switching to Vue on the remaining.

Thanks for this great post


Many Thanks,
I will build them myself.


Looking for a job? Build all 9 then put on your CV. And "By the power", you'll land that job -- He-Man


This is inspiring. I can feel my dream coming alive again😁😁. Thank you


This article is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, thank you, very very much!

I also start to follow you cause I like the way you write.

I hope some day we can work together!


Thanks for your comment, much appreciated!


Hi Simon, thanks for the article, but I really wish you had a more inclusive image set in the post header. Not all "masters" look like this. Hope for your understanding.


Hi Ekaterina, I totally get your point. Hadn't thought of that, apologies, it wasn't my intention. Gonna make sure for future articles to be more inclusive with that images.


More articles with ideas like this please 😊


No worries, I will take care of that! :)


This is an awesome round up of web frameworks :) I'll be happy to try some of them out.

Edit: I was going to use vuetify, but I think Quasar is taking the cake!


Thanks Bernardo, I hope it gives you some inspiration :)


Great article! I'm looking forward to follow some of these. Than you!!!


Definitely starting this week, Already added them to my trello board. Let's see how this goes.


I wish people would make more articles like this.


Thank you Garrett, really appreciate your comment. I will keep making quality content for the Dev community!


Wow - excellent list and an inspiring set of challenges Simon. Job well done.


Simon, thanks for the Snipcart content share, much appreciated! 🙇‍♂️


Sure thing Franck, it's a great tutorial!


Good article!! You make it easy to start as UI developer and also to go depth in the modern tech stack.

Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for your feedback, Max, I really appreciate it!


Thank you for these wonderful ideas. Now I have a roadmap of sorts. :)


Great article! I'm jealous of that weather app, I might try to build that using Gatsby and Firebase...


It is a great "compendio" of valuable learning resources! Thanks for sharing! I´m giving a try!


I have always been creating different projects starting from blog sites (just to implement the CRUD functionalities) to youtube, quora, Facebook replicas.


From start to finish this is a quality post!


Thanks Mike, I really appreciate your comment :)


wow, what a great post i have just read. I was looking something like that. helpful.


Just did the React movie search one and it was great! Nice list


OMG! I was looking exactly for something like this. Million thanks a lot!


Really useful article to stay up in trends for 2020! Thanks, definitely I'll check some of the projects !


Interesting and inspiring article!

Can I translate it into Chinese to help more developers?


That's a really an excellent article, I will do exactly what you are pointing. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.


Great ideas, thinking of collecting some sort of curriculum/katas for frontend developers.


Interesting and inspiring to learn new things and improve my knowledge. Thank so much!


is Flutter something you would still recommend to be part of this list ?

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