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Google is a ad company, make no bones about it.

Simon is a graduated digital product manager with 19 years’ experience in product, proptech, news, health.
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google blurs the line between paid and organic serps in new search listing results design,

oh boomers gonna love this….

you’re welcome.

On January 13, Google rolled out a new design for search results on the desktop. Of course, this design isn’t exactly new, it has been around on mobile since last year.

One of the most significant changes to come from the desktop redesign is the new favicons that appear next to URLs.

This was in an effort to help (#dontbeevil) sites with branding and made it possible to see if the results are coming from one of your favorite or most trusted sites with a quick look instead of having to read the URL.

However, this redesign also blurred the lines between organic search results and ads by placing an “Ad” icon next to advertisements in the results. While the ads are still clearly labeled, the streamlined design now makes it easier for some users to mistake ads for actual search results.

Make no bones about it, google is a ad company.


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Paweł Kowalski • Edited
  1. Use - for dev work IMO its better (smart snippets and ! are very cool)
  2. uBlock Origin - forget about google malicious practices