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Ex-Googler lifts the lid on search myths

simondodson profile image SIMON DODSON ・1 min read

x-Googler lifts the lid on search myths, key takeaways.

SEO is renowned for misinformation, misunderstandings, and misconceptions. This is in no small part due to Google being somewhat of a black box in order to try and limit gaming of SERPs.

However, in recent times, Google has taken noticeable steps to become more transparent through increased activity in the SEO community.

SEO is not a one-time thing it’s ongoing.

Alt Text seo myths for realty websites

  1. It is true new domains do infact experience a honeymoon period.

  2. The basics, speed, links, neighborhood really really matter.

  3. The idea Google has a personal vendetta solely against your site is always proven wrong with a quick audit.

  4. Freshness matters.

  5. Paid spend does not influence organic signals.

  6. All sites are repairable if you work with them.

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