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Why I moved my Front with NuxtJs to Wordpress

Hi everyone !
Thank you for your support on my last blog post:

Yesterday and after many years work with NuxtJS, VueJs, React etc... I moved my website to Wordpress...

WHY ??!! (traitor)

Three reasons :

1 - SEO

I'm developper, not an SEO addict or daily user, I just want the minimum basic for my app should appear to google, but with NuxtJS or VueJS, We should do many configuration to have the best SEO result.

Wordpress = Install Yoast SEO Plugin and it's done, and automaticly on all your existing/new post/pages

2 - Front Builder

I'm backend developper, the front design is not my speciality, and when I want to make beautiful landing page with Nuxt, Vue or React, I need to write all animations, all basic containers etc.etc.. very boring !

Wordpress = Install Theme + Elementor or Divi Builder and it's done ! With Visual Builder tool ! Great !

3 - Async

With NuxtJS, VueJs or React, when you want to show something dynamicly on your page, you need to do somme http calls to your api, (Nuxt has server side rendering but it's same thing to have Php server)

Wordpress = PHP is server side rendering, no async method to load page, perfect for landing .

So, I have my Marketing Landing page on

And my App on

Say me if you have more arguments or if you are totally in disagree!

Love !

Discussion (6)

oliviercreativ_74 profile image

You have done very well if you feel comfortable with this wordpress, elementor ect ... If the site is "light", a wordpress is more than enough, with the minification of JS & CSS, wp-rocket, we can have a very fast and well optimized site.

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Ayrton Author

Don't forget to try to kill me on the commentary section !

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Andrew Nasef

you are right wordpress is awesome
and if you struggle with hosting and speed of your site
you can use wp2static

simerca profile image
Ayrton Author

wow, you'r an Avenger ? Wordpress to static it's a very great idea !

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Rizkhal Lamaau


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Charles Fries

PHP is server side rendering

We've truly come full circle