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I created the first interplanetary exchange platform.

Good morning !
Yes very ambitious as a title, but that's all.

Let's start with the beginning :

Some time ago, I thought about an optimized commentary for a few points of a rocket launch specification.

After a few weeks of research, I found a working topic regarding payloads in the rocket fairing head.

The difficulty today for space agencies and private launchers is optimizing this space and managing to fit useful volumes into a cylinder several meters high.


I worked on an optimization topic, pitched my concept to someone in the business, and presented a useful space optimization algorithm. I was then invited to my first astronaut conference.

Then an idea came to me.

The first interplanetary e-commerce platform based on the Stellar Lumens (XLM) blockchain

My ambitions were to facilitate exchanges between the various space service providers.

To do this, I imagined a platform, operating on the principle of the blockchain.

Who can any operator on Earth or from a space station or another planet to be able to order products from a partner.

It could take advantage of the spaces made available by private space companies that sell the payload space in their rocket fairing head.

A problem quickly arises, what do I do when the connection does not exist?

I imagined an application installed on the client (computer, micro computer, smartphone etc...), which is practically autonomous, and which signs the transactions directly via the client.

Once the synchronization has been carried out again, the signature is authenticated by the rest of the nodes of this chain and therefore is validated or not (in the event of cheating) by the blockchain.

This system allows all operators to be sure that the order has been made by the right customer. Fraud is only possible if your secret key is stolen.

I decided to make this work Open Source under MIT license.

You can find details of my work here:

And the demo:

Glad to read you about this crazy idea <3

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Andrew Baisden

I checked it out it seems pretty cool.

simerca profile image

It is ! It's very cool project ! Don't hesitate to clone it and participate it's just the start of this project