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🚀 Made a chat server for mailing list hackers

signalnerve profile image Kristian Freeman ・1 min read

Hey friends 👋

Mailing List Hackers is a new chat community for people building mailing lists and newsletters. The goal long-term is to build a paid membership community, but for now, joining is free for the first hundred people or so to build a community of like-minded folks and get the conversation going.

Super quick link to get your invite 👉

Wrote a bit about the process below on the site, so if you're interested in learning more about the project, check it out:

We have a few channels so far, including software-specific channels (#mailchimp, #convertkit, etc) as well as a fun #show-your-work channel to show off your emails, stats, or whatever else you're building. Really excited to build this stuff out based on user feedback, too!

If you're building a mailing list, or if you're interested in building one but don't know where to start, come hang out in the chat, ask questions, and get feedback on what you're building. See you there!

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