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Jennifer Davis
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Have you received really [great|terrible] feedback?

I've been mulling over writing an article about feedback for quite a while, especially when it comes to conference talks and workshops. I totally read the comments with the goal of improving my talks. Often the feedback is super not helpful. I want to help folks better frame their feedback especially if they are taking the time to give it.

I'm super curious what kind of feedback others have experienced whether it's for articles you have shared, reviews at work, or conference talks. What works for you? Is anonymous feedback helpful?

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Jennifer Davis

One example of the type of feedback I get is "Too easy". This kind of feedback isn't really helpful in the way that the individual might think it is. Often for the same content, I might get "too hard" or "I learned all about X and it was great". What it does do for me is help me think about whether I've framed the description for the content correctly, or whether the title is appropriate. Especially when it comes to "more than beginner" content is' pretty difficult to label things. What does "300 level" mean? It means that you know the fundamentals and we're going to build on more concepts .. but what are the fundamentals that I expect you to know? Have I clearly said those? Sometimes I take it as positive feedback because I've taken a complex topic and made it seem "easy".