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Testing for CI

Slides & Examples

Check out testing demo in Python by @szabgab


Is the testing environment prior to running the tests

Create a test

Create a new python script with a name starting with test_

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The python script should include

import mymodule # the mymodule file containing the myfunc function I want to test

def test_myfunc1():
    assert mymodule.myfunc("some input") == "some expected result"

def test_myfunc2():
    assert mymodule.myfunc("other input") == "other expected result"
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I can add more test_ functions where each function is a test case.

Run the test

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This will run all the test_ functions in and show whether the tests passed or failed, based on the expected results, per test function.

Tell pytest to run the tests in random order to make sure that the tests are independent of each other

pytest --rendom-order
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