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Want Ideas for Javascript web apps

Shubham Kumar
Frontend Developer | React.js | JavaScript 😎
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Shubham Kumar Author

Hello everyone, I'm new in learning Coding just wanted some idea's on what simple web apps i can create using javascript so that i can get some real experience and get more experienced in js Thanks.

And pardon me if there any mistake i had done i'm new in this platform 😅

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There's a lot you could do - some typical apps we let new developers write to learn are:

  • a To-Do list
  • a contact list
  • games like Tic-Tac-Toe

Generally I'd say you should try and build something that's useful to you.

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Gokul Kathirvel

This repo has plenty of such ideas. Actually we can derive many more ideas that could be your startup idea 😁😁

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Shubham Kumar Author

That's lot of idea's! I have one question, it is possible to create all these apps just by using Javascript?

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Gokul Kathirvel

Absolutely yes! With some digging as each one requires varied knowledge of JavaScript

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Antonio Radovcic • Edited

Consume the Spotify-API for search and playing preview-files and create a nice interface with an audio-visualizer.

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Joshua Johnson

I would choose to build a tool that could benefit you in some way. For my first dive into JS WebApps I built a checkbook application. Later I turned it into an android application using Cordova.

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miku86 • Edited

Hey Shubham,

I am using a simple technique:
I look at my daily life and see what could be easier.

Example: Yesterday, I watched some UFC.
I wanted to know, who's the champion in a specific weight class and who his predecessors were. I found data on Wikipedia, but the representation of the data wasn't that user-friendly (long list, many clicks, scroll down, tiny image).

I put it on my list, going to build a much more user-friendly version of it.
This also motivates me more to actually do it, because it solves my personal pain point.

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