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A fellow Human and frontend dev @Zoho - loves EmberJs. Just Started with VueJs


Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Fun With forEach

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EmberJS in 2019

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Can we have an online gathering of Browser Extension developers

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First Time Speaker (FTS) with few tips

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Setup Tailwind@next in Vue CLI 3 project

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Automate the UI Testing of your chrome extension

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Can I edit my old dev.to article to add a canonical URL to my recently setup personal blog?

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Testing "install" and "update" flows in chrome extensions

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NIL pattern #perfmatters

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why dev.to is not listing the names who reacted to our post 🤔 #curious

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Suggestions for using `...arguments` while working with functions in javascript.

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Automate your chrome extension deployment in minutes!

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Will desktop #PWAs kill hybrid wrappers like electronjs?

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How we cut down our ember build time?

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Why the hell I need a test-case?

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Hi, I'm Gokul Kathirvel

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