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Shrihari Mohan
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Top PWA apps I use Everyday! ( Laptop )

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My go to sketch , wire frames and layout design app I use everyday. This saves me a lot of time for mock ups because figma is for complete UI design.

But uh I am just a full stack developer , just need to jot down some design layouts. This also gives us hand sketched effect that I share and people always asks me where this sketch is created.

Excalidraw Sample Design

Snap Drop

I own a M1 Macbook Air and Android phone , its always a mess when trying to do a file share between Macbook and Android.

This comes in handy all you have to do is connect to the same network ( local file transfer) and drag & drop files. Its easy and fast. This is similar to a feature Apple has called AirDrop .

I use this in my phone as well as laptop and it really helps me sharing my mobile screenshots and other files.

SnapDrop Sample

Google Messages

Since I use on android mobile and mac there is no way I can sync messages on laptop for OTPs and other authorization stuff .

My phone by default comes with Google Messages which lets me sync and receive notification on my laptop.

This works well on any laptop with chrome and any phone with Google Message. Go to the mobile Google Messages app → Three dot → Device Pairing. Scan the QR everything is set!

Angular Documentation

I primarily work on angular and If my internet doesn't work or I am travelling I always have my copy (Offline Support) of documentation for reference.

React MUI

I also work react/nextjs and Material UI (MUI) Extensively. I installed this for the same reason as above.


Great free online phone editing tool. I use this to create some thumbnails , social media previews.

Well enough Boring & Technical Documentation stuffs lets have some Social media and Entertainment section 🥳🎉


Huge fan of reddit, my go to social media for Tech Updates , Memes and cat videos


Not a big fan but check few things on latest trends/news.


I have premium subscription. So I can also download videos on laptop. ( Yes you can download videos for offline use )

Downloads work without pwa installed also. But I prefer PWA rather the chrome tab.

Youtube Music

I always play some random background music while working because I dont want to feel alone. I didn't want this to be a chrome tab because it will interfere with my opened work related tabs.

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