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How I Got My First Full-Stack Developer Job as a Fresher in a Start-Up!

This is in India!
I completed my college in 2021 May with a offer to a MNC company in 2020 Oct.

From that MNC I was asked to study a shit load of stuff Like Spring boot , SQL, JDBC, JUnit, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Cypress.

Yes I worked hard that 6 months with a help of my brother @koushikmohan1996 only to know, I am not a great fit for that company and Glassdoors reviews were worse. My college people have some agreement with the MNC to select certain people. Don't know about the politics but its not good. I hate the college and management. ( Hate is a strong word thats why I am using it )

Luckily I panicked and started applying for startups using Angel List.

Rejections were so high without even a single round. Lack of experience is a curse in start-ups.

But there was that 1 Guy who sent me a 4 day Full-Stack website challenge in MEAN stack. At that time I knew only A (Angular with bootstrap). Remaining MEN (Mongo Express Node) I had to depend on my brother. Eventhough I understand the APIs and DB , Syntatically I was struggling.

My brother gave me a sample of 1 route , 1 controller with mongodb setup. Even if everything went south I know I could depend on him. He is just a fucking awesome guy 😎.

I took that setup and I went all day and night. But it took 5 days for me to complete it. Whatever I wrote I clearly explained why I made those decisions and He just selected me as a First Employee of the company.

I started in that company after 2 days.

Here is the code that got me thejob.

GitHub logo ShrihariMohan / forum

The social media app


Forum app for Varivas



NodeJS express server

Steps to start

  • Get G_SECRET and DB_URL from the mail.
  • cd server
  • npm install
  • G_SECRET="" DB_URL="" npm start


Angular Server Steps to start

  • npm install
  • ng serve

Why I had to leave after 1 year ?

  • Since it was Work from home I was home all day without any human interactions.

  • I was working alone for a very long time (4 months) as a only employee. Even though other people joined we're independently working.

  • Yes I learnt a lot of stuff from infra -> code -> design but the process was slow and decisions were rough to me. Because there is no tech lead who could've solved a problem in minutes that took days. Learning from senior will be the best way to know how things work in a company. The CTO was not technical but he understands.

  • I was working more than 10Hrs and I was missing out the balance.

  • The money was low. Its less than What I was offered at the MNC

Peace 🕊

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