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Reflection on Tools, AI, and the Role of System Design

Developing Softwares

Development is becoming a cakewalk.

  • Developing website
  • Creating and managing Database
  • APIs
  • Payments
  • Marketing
  • Emailing
  • Automation

For developers, all these services have third-party to build products fast.
For non-tech people, all these services are provided by SAAS to build products fast

There is not much difference between software and non-software regarding building products.

"we are trying to reduce the gap so that nobody will be required or forced to learn programming", last week, Nvidia CEO claimed this while elucidating the agenda behind AI.

Interestingly, whenever I try to reach , most of the products have already been developed and I can't think out of the box as a developer to develop anything new.
It becomes tough to understand how these products are developed so fast and the following can be the reasons

  • Open source has made things easy
  • third-party APIs are gaining so much popularity
  • SAAS businesses are widely accepted

The above 3 reasons are the one why developing products is getting so easy nowadays.

The only constraints I've found while developing products the errors and more related to system design. For example, when I put 2/3 components together the entire app crashes, becomes slow or doesn't work as expected.

This specific task is time-consuming, joining more than 3/4 of components to develop layouts or products. AI can be a good help in system design but what is the question?

since technology is new we are just adapting and understanding and later on, a few years down the line we will work on principles of AI in software development, such as architechture, packages, formatting and so on.

Currently, system design is an underrated skill in software development but I believe system design can only learned via experience. Experience of handling more than 1 million traffic on your product in that case your solid understanding of system design is tested.

If you are interested, I recommend reading System Thinking by Donnela H Meadows, I am still reading it but I am certain it will open your mind.

One smart developer will simply search the tool around his feature, either using the third party or copy-paste the source code/concept. Most of the things already exist in the open-source world and when we have Blockbox AI and ChatGPT most of the code is at our fingertips.

Anyone reading this is below the age of 21/22 or didn't have much experience in software development, I know AI will take over in future but if you are a software developer, please write code on your own and optimise it using chatGPT till the time otherwise you will become dependent on AI and always wonder why you can't crack any of the interviews for jobs.

See you in the next one

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Fatemeh Paghar

Absolutely insightful reflection on the current state of software development! Your observations about the ease of development, the role of third-party APIs, SAAS businesses, and the impact of open source on accelerating the development process are spot on.

The emphasis on system design as an underrated skill is crucial. It's true that handling the complexities of integrating components and optimizing for scale is where the true test lies. Your anticipation of AI playing a significant role in system design principles in the future is an interesting perspective.

The caution about not solely relying on AI is well-put. Building a strong foundation by writing code from scratch and optimizing with tools like ChatGPT is essential for sustainable growth and adaptability in this ever-evolving tech landscape.

Thanks for sharing your insights and the book recommendation; "System Thinking" sounds like a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of system design. Looking forward to more discussions on the intersection of technology, AI, and software development! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ก

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Thanks for reading, I have an interesting story regarding system design.
Last year, after 3 years of work experience, I got this recommendation from my friend telling me to read System Thinking by Rusell Ackoff and watch 2 hours playlist to understand his principles about systems.

I was so amused and shocked at the same time, I was amused because it was purely magic once you understand systems and look at things as part of the system or even a system and I felt shocked because I've never heard or talked about system design and thinking and my first reaction after understand system thinking was WOW, why he hell nobody taught me this for so long.