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Developing personal Jarvis using AI

To build the AI powered tools for all the problems in my life

Under the Hood

Let’s bring the context with a story, I am 27 years old and 4 years of experience in software development.

Well, there are few achievements in my life but a lot to achieve what I want to share is something interesting.

After 10 years of extensively preparing myself for the greatest challenges in life, I think I am ready to smash the world with success.

Structured Systems

It’s a myth that perfect things exist but we can still try to create the perfect system.

We have a couple of things to resolve here in our lives such as

  • Finances
  • Family & Friends
  • Health Now I called each of them a system of systematic life, you can add more to this it doesn’t even matter.


Now these systems are interconnected with each other meaning if I don’t have money my family won’t be happy and I won’t be happy and won’t be in good shape or my health will be affected.

What I want to share is to create an automated system for the above system to ease our standard of living.

The very first thing to sort out is finances, so let’s pick this up


In finances, we can cover a lot of things, for examples

  • How the money will come, is it a job or business or freelancing
  • How to get a new job?
  • What business to start?
  • Where to start freelancing? Since I am a developer I will answer these questions accordingly

I can find a job but How?

I can start a business and run a freelancing company
But the point is why I should do these kinds of stuff again and again if I’ve already done this once?

AI to help me sort out the following things fast and easily.

  • For example, I can use AI to scrap all the available jobs for me in the world using scraping algorithms
  • Then I can ask AI to send emails with my portfolio and resume
  • Then I can use AI to help me prepare for the interview accordingly schedule the interviews and do the rest of the things.

Similar things can be done for business -

  • I need AI to do research on the product market requirement
  • I will use AI to give me data insights about which business is flourishing
  • I will instruct my AI to help me create my own business website or product according to my business needs.
  • I am having my personal AI to teach me, help me run a business make money and sort out my finances first.

Similar tools using AI will be developed to sort out the job process, get freelance clients or even run our own business.


This is one of the biggest concerns our generation is and will face.

2 things will keep on existing as the profession in the world forever, teacher and doctor.

Now that clearly says that health and improving health needs to be considered as an important semi-system of our life.

The one basic thing I’ve understood about health

  • Eat well &
  • Exercise well
  • Rest other things are not in our control so I think we can ignore them.

For eating healthy we need recipe ideas, and dishes according to our gut, digestion, and metabolism.

Pseudo Family Doctor

What I am saying is we need a tool that can act as a pseudo-family doctor it won’t prescribe any medicine or drugs instead our AI-powered tool will provide food recipes and dishes that our healthy.

For example, I play football 3 times a week so our pseudo doctor will suggest a home-made dish to compensate for all the lost potassium and calcium.

Similarly, our AI-powered tool will suggest dishes to achieve the following targets

  • Decrease weight,
  • Increase weight,
  • Hair loss,
  • Cure collagen and vitamin B deficiency
  • Skincare food and fruits and so on The point is I don’t need to google out and read a lot of papers, my tool will provide my food ingredients and fruits according to my requirements.

Every month I will set the targets for my body and my tool can suggest organic ways to accomplish the target.


Why would I stop to health and finances!! 😃

I love travelling and Google is not that interested in suggesting places or maybe I am too lazy.

Now I want to try off-beat tracks while travelling something that normal or usual audiences won’t try often.

  • Finding hidden gem places in any place needs art and local connections.
  • Finding any place apart from hot travel destinations is also won't be easy
  • I want my AI tool to suggest interesting places by actually telling more stories about the places.

For example, my AI tool will provide information about the history, food culture religion and festivals of the place in detail.

This AI tool will give me context about the places in advance along with the cost of travelling, flight charges and so on.

I can set my travel plans according to the budget and select the place accordingly saving tonnes of time in researching.

We can use our AI tools to get the travel guide for the place including cafes and restaurants, off-beat places, bars and so on.

Check this product

Another thing to add here is we might need more detail for our travel such as currency conversion, VISA process and so on and our AI tool should help with the same in future versions.

Similarly, we can create systems and AI-powered tools to bring the best out of our objectives.

AI is the Key

AI will ease out the work because without AI we do need a lot of data scraping and data collection and that would be a bit tricky GPT is the perfect tool so far to do this kind of job for us.

AI also decrease the work load and hence one person can actually build these tools our his own, like me.

AI will decrease the heavy data storing problem and we don’t need much storage.

AI will increase the developing cost but if the tool is useful we can pay some amount monthly to our pseudo-family doctor 😅

How to Develop?

Here are the steps

  • Mention the problem statement for each of the systems for eg, the yoga app
  • Collect data (types of toga asana)using Open AI API, hugging face API or GPT
  • Collect images for each posture using DALLE or Stable Diffusion API
  • Store them in the database (Optional)
  • Write a prompt for each problem statement, for eg, give me a yoga asana for improving gut health problems. The correct prompt will provide the correct answer or a more accurate answer.
  • Lastly, render the frontend interface to write the question and provide a response from AI or add already suggested things. Once our own problem is solved we can open-source the product or even add a subscription-based model for others to use our tool.

Again the same strategy, we will use our own AI tool in design, marketing, and sales to increase our own tool value and get more users.

The idea seems solid but the execution will give confirmation.


Recently, I watched a video where one browser extension using AI can access our browser and send and write emails and tweets on Twitter, below is the link.

AI Writing Tools - HyperWrite

Hundreds of powerful AI tools to transform your writing, communication, and research. From flawless marketing copy to…

Checking this product gave me tonnes of ideas on automating almost everything I am doing right now manually.

  • Why to write emails?
  • Why to write even this blog?
  • Why to write twitter threads everyday?
  • Why to do same kind of manual things everyday?
  • When we can have an AI to automate this kind of the work and save time.

More interesting will come in future, so do follow me and subscrive to my email newsletter.

Keep developing

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