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💊💊 Top 5 Open-Source Insomnia alternatives that you must try in 2024 ðŸ”Ĩ

We will explore the top 5 alternatives to Insomnia in 2024 that you can switch to instead, especially if you have faced data loss or other blocking bugs in Insomnia v8.0. We have compiled this list of the top and most feature-rich alternatives.

Hey Dev community,

I am super excited to share 5 open-source Insomnia alternative that help you choose right tool for your API development workflow.

  • Insomnia has been a popular open-source API client and API testing app amongst developers. However, following the release of version 8.0, numerous bugs have surfaced with Insomnia, the most significant being data loss issues reported by many users.

  • This has led developers to look for alternative options to Insomnia that are more stable and reliable.

  • Whether you need an open-source free app or are willing to invest in a paid tool, you will find strong Insomnia alternatives here that can improve your API testing and development workflows.

Let's check out the tools 🚀

Open-Source Insomnia alternative

1. Firecamp

ðŸŽŊ VS Code for APIs, Open-Source Postman/Insomnia Alternative

  • best-in-class developer experience inspired by vscode dx.
  • multi-protocol testing capabilities with Rest, GraphQL, Websocket, and SocketIO APIs.
  • collaborate on API collections across the workspace and team
  • build APIs faster without switching between tools and apps. documentation, cli, ci/cd under one roof


Desktop: Releasing in November

Give Firecamp ⭐ on github

2. Yaade

ðŸŽŊ open-source, self-hosted, collaborative API development environment

  • Self-hosted: data never leaves your own server
  • Multi-user: manage users and their permissions
  • Persistent: even across container or server restarts
  • Easy single-file data import / export


Web: No
Desktop: Yes

Give Yaade ⭐ on github

3. Insomnium

ðŸŽŊ Insomnium is a fast local API testing tool that is privacy-focused and 100% local. For testing GraphQL, REST, WebSockets and gRPC. This is a fork of Kong/insomnia

  • works 100% offline, the way a local testing tool should behave
  • no cloud services, no tracking/communication to external servers behind the scene


Web: No
Desktop: Yes

Give Insomnium ⭐ on github

4. RecipeUI

ðŸŽŊ Discover, test, and share APIs in seconds

  • Zustand + immer for global state management
  • Tailwind + DaisyUI for making me build pretty and native html components
  • NextJS + Vercel for a seamless frontend framework and deployment package
  • Supabase for a seamless backend service that has many cool features


Desktop: Yes

Give RecipeUI ⭐ on github

5. Restfox

ðŸŽŊ Offline-first web HTTP client


Desktop: No

Give Restfox ⭐ on github

These are some of the best open-source alternatives to Insomnia that you should know in 2024. Each of these tools offers a unique set of features and benefits, so it's important to choose the one that best fits your needs as a developer.

What other Insomnia alternatives do you use and recommend? Share your picks in the comments - I'd love to check out your suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of top alternatives to try out. Let me know if you have any questions as you test them out.

I'll be covering more API and developer tool tips next week. Until then, happy testing and take care!

Please send your feedback on twitter DM !!

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tanishqsingla profile image
Tanishq Singla

You should really take a look at bruno

samuelgrigolato profile image
Samuel Grigolato

Finally, one that is git-friendly! Thanks.

shreya_gr profile image

Thanks for sharing. I'll consider for my next blog.

smoothcriminal profile image
Smooth Criminal • Edited

Obviously she knows, its just marketing xD

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Nice article @shreya_gr. Firecamp is on fire!

aventus profile image


anasrin profile image

try, it has GUI and terminal command

monhk profile image

Awesome, I'll try some

surray profile image

Is postman oldschool?

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Amazing article!

psypher1 profile image
James 'Dante' Midzi

I run an older version of insomnia.

I'm weary of updates.

fanoftheauthor profile image
S. E. Newton

This is awesome!

fernandezbaptiste profile image

Cool piece!

srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

I've started using Firecamp for my testing, it's a great tool. ðŸ”Ļ

shreya_gr profile image
Shreya • Edited

hey @srbhr great to hear this. Looking forward to your feedback.

thourc profile image
Chandan Thour

not open source, but APIDog is also pretty cool too and free for individual users.

kevinrawal profile image

Great Stuff !!!!

liyasthomas profile image
Info Comment hidden by post author - thread only accessible via permalink
Liyas Thomas

If you'd like to try an open source { free } alternative to test APIs, try Hoppscotch - API request builder for web:

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

ðŸ‘― Open source API development ecosystem -

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted

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