What is the JAMstack?

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The JAMstack is a modern way of building slick and fast web applications without the added complexity of a server. Simply put, the JAMstack is the technique of prebuilding all markup to static pages and serving it directly from a CDN. This architecture for building sites harks back to the days of static pages pre LAMP/MAMP stack. Compared to the traditional architecture however, JAMstack sites take advantage of JavaScript and APIs for added functionality and interactivity. In the past, adding dynamic elements like forms and authentication required converting an otherwise straightforward static site into a monolithic full stack one. But with the JAMstack approach, you can lean on microservices to do the heavy lifting. As a result of this decoupling, the complexity of the common monolithic architecture is simplified significantly.

For more on the JAMstack, and to get started with building for it, check out https://templates.netlify.com/

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I sometimes long for the days when one could put a form on a static site just by setting content-type=text/plain and action=mailto:your-email. Though it popped up your default email program to finish submitting the form.


Thank you Divya for this series, I'm following it from now on. Happy JAMuary!!


BTW, in case anyone is interested, I have a domain on sale: JAMstack.page


Of course! Happy JAMuary to you too!