What's the future of the JAMstack?

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In the last 5 years since its inception, the JAMstack has grown from relative obscurity to a vibrant community of headless CMSes, pluggable APIs and SSGs. With such meteoric growth, also came the broadening of the JAMstack category. Today, the JAMstack is more than just some JavaScript, APIs and Markup served statically from a CDN. Single Page Applications (SPAs), serverless functions and even edge workers (arguably) are categorized (or at least self categorize) as “JAMstack” and have all furthered the confusion around an already elusive term. Though the growth of the JAMstack category has been fairly organic, it's success is due in no small part to significant advancements of the web as a platform. Modern CDNs for one are incredibly capable of handling complex business logic and operations (like redirects) that were once reserved to the origin server. The emergence of technologies such as edge workers, and functions at the edge have also made it easier to architect complex application and pushes the boundary of what's possible on the browser. With the JAMstack approaching maturity, these developments are only expected to continue and a JAMstack site today may very well not look anything like a JAMstack site of the future. Nevertheless, exciting times lie ahead for the JAMstack and we hope you'll join us on this journey to building scalably, securely and fast.

This post marks the end of #JAMuary. Thank you to all readers and followers, until next year, spread the JAM.

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Awesome Divya! I enjoyed the jamuary series 💕


Thank you so much for reading, Gift!!! 🥰


I loved reading the Jamuary posts! Sad to see it end.