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AI revolution in eCommerce

Since the availability of ChatGPT, a large language machine learning model from OpenAI, artificial intelligence seems to be on the rise. Now, editors writing texts might be seen as a dying species because tools like ChatGPT can do the same in seconds and in almost the same quality. This is similar to how DeepL, a translation tool based on machine learning, changed the translation industry before.

Especially in eCommerce, search engines like Google require a lot of relevant text before pages show up at the top of search results. This can now be automated in Aimeos, the first eCommerce framework with direct integration of ChatGPT and DeepL. This allows editors to generate any text in seconds and have it translated into 29 languages.

Generate and translate any content

Aimeos admin backend with ChatGPT and DeepL integration
Not only texts based on existing product specifications are possible, but also helpful information for customers. Depending on the prompt entered, ChatGPT also generates, for example, styling tips for fashion or health information for allergy sufferers – everything about which there are already publications on the Internet that have been incorporated into the training of the AI model.

Aimeos admin backend with ChatGPT and DeepL integration

Although ChatGPT can generate texts in different languages, the quality is better the more texts are available in the respective language on the topic. Since DeepL can translate good quality texts into less common languages, this will greatly accelerate the professionalization of online stores in these language regions.

Test yourself

You can try Aimeos and the capabilities of ChatGPT and DeepL yourself in the Aimeos admin demo:

Aimeos is the ultra-fast, cloud-native, API-first PHP eCommerce framework for building custom online shops, marketplaces and complex B2B applications. It’s available as Laravel package, Symfony bundle and TYPO3 extension.

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